Published by Dna-eXplained: Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2015

WordPress, the blogging software I use, provides a year-end summary that is quite interesting. I really like this report, as I tend to be very focused on what I’m researching and writing, not on stats – so this is a refreshing break and summary. I thought you might be interested too. The top 10 most […]

Published by LisaLouiseCooke: How to Print Merged Images in Evernote

Need a better understanding of how to print merged Images in Evernote? Here’s a Q&A from a reader. Recently I heard from Joe, who was trying to merge screen clips into a single image and note. He found that after he merged the screen clips, “the merged clips appear as one note on the screen.…

Published by NativeAmericanRoots: “Poor White Women” in Granville’s Native American Community

In this blog post, I closely examine the lives of several white women who lived among, married into, and had children with Native Americans in Granville County. I find these examples quite interesting because they dispel the notion of “white” as a static racial category. Though these women were “biologically” white and born into white families, […]

Published by StrangeRemains: The three graves of Santa Claus

After Saint Nicholas’ bones were looted from his tomb in Turkey about 700 years after he died, cities in Italy and Ireland claimed to have stolen the bones. For centuries there was debate about which city is home to the grave of beloved Old Saint Nick. While the Basilica di San Nicola in Bari, Italy was widely […]

Published by Ancestry: All Members Now Moving to the New Ancestry

Over a year ago, based on extensive research into our members’ wants and needs, we set out to build a better website that reinvents the way Ancestry helps you discover and tell your family story. On December 15, we will complete the final transition worldwide to the new Ancestry site. Since introducing the new site……