Published by DNA-eXplained: Visiting Mom at Family Tree DNA

Mom swabbed for me, several times in fact.  She wasn’t terribly interested in DOING genealogy, but she was quite interested in the outcome of the process, and she loved to go along with me on our “larks,” as she would call them, where we would go and find our family land, or house…or something interesting…like […]

Published by GenealogyAdventures: Mapping my father’s mtDNA to African tribes

It probably comes as no surprise that I’m a conceptual thinker. And few things aid my understanding of concepts better than visuals. Especially when I create visual materials. As I create things I begin to see inter-relationships in a tangible way. It’s the way my mind rolls, and I’ve learned to embrace it. It’s like […]

Published by NGSGENEALOGY: NGS Launches Its Newest Course — Genetic Genealogy: Autosomal DNA Course

Arlington, VA, 9 December, 2015— The National Genealogical Society (NGS) proudly announces the release of its newest Continuing Genealogical Studies course, Genetic Genealogy: Autosomal DNA. Autosomal DNA comprises twenty-two of the twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, excluding the one pair of sex chromosomes. These matched pairs of chromosomes are called autosomes and contain a comprehensive record…

Published by Segmentology: Endogamy I

Endogamy PART I – Shared DNA This blogpost looks at the amount of shared DNA from endogamy. It does not address the genealogy of endogamy, but instead establishes some terminology and reference material. First let’s define endogamy: the custom of marrying within the limits of a local community, clan or tribe [Oxford Dictionaries online]. This […]