Published by Dna-eXplained: We Match…But Are We Related?

Last week, I received this question from a reader, we’ll call him Jim: “I match Susie on the HVR1 and HVR2 regions of our mitochondrial DNA….but I was just wondering….are we related?’ Well, the answer is yes…and maybe. You see, the answer hinges on the definition of the word “related.” If Jim means related at any point […]

Published by DNA-eXplained: Family Tree DNA Sale – ‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

…And all through the house, Mom was depressed because She hadn’t bought anything yet, Not even one blouse. She looked at the calendar, Wondering what she would do, When a wise mouse piped up, Right out of the blue. Order DNA kits for everyone, The gift of ancestors past, And they can still be here […]

Published by DNA-eXplained: Visiting Mom at Family Tree DNA

Mom swabbed for me, several times in fact.  She wasn’t terribly interested in DOING genealogy, but she was quite interested in the outcome of the process, and she loved to go along with me on our “larks,” as she would call them, where we would go and find our family land, or house…or something interesting…like […]

Published by GenealogyAdventures: Mapping my father’s mtDNA to African tribes

It probably comes as no surprise that I’m a conceptual thinker. And few things aid my understanding of concepts better than visuals. Especially when I create visual materials. As I create things I begin to see inter-relationships in a tangible way. It’s the way my mind rolls, and I’ve learned to embrace it. It’s like […]