Published by DNA-eXplained: Visiting Mom at Family Tree DNA

Mom swabbed for me, several times in fact.  She wasn’t terribly interested in DOING genealogy, but she was quite interested in the outcome of the process, and she loved to go along with me on our “larks,” as she would call them, where we would go and find our family land, or house…or something interesting…like […]

Published by LegacyFamilyTree: Boots on the Ground Research: And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Guest blogger Eric Stroschein was recently in Stockholm, Sweden connecting with relatives and researching his ancestry. This is the fourth in a series of articles from his visit to the old country. You can read hist first article here. It is no secret that I much prefer being in an archive researching, more than sitting…

Published by Genealogy’s Star: Showing Alternative Relationships – Does your program show these relationships?

There are a huge variety of familial relationships in the world. This is not new development. I have written about this issue a few times, especially about kinship systems and other types of relationships. For example, in many countries, there is a strong tradition of godparents. These people assume some of the responsibilities for the…

Published by DNA-eXplained: Lady Godiva (c1040-1066/1086), Gift of God, 52 Ancestors #93

You just never know who you’re going to find hanging around in your family tree. In the upper left hand corner of the wonderful royal lineage chart created by Ky White for me, you can see Lady Godiva on her trusty steed. Lady Godiva, of all people, is my 32 times great-grandmother.  Yes, that means that […]

Published by LegacyFamilyTree: Handwriting Helps: The Eszett, Windows Character Map, and Legacy’s Character Ribbon

Can you interpret this name? Neither could I. Until I remembered something that Jim Beidler taught in Wednesday’s webinar, German Names and Naming Patterns. And while this was from a Swedish record, the principle of the handwriting applies. In the Question/Answer session (timestamp 1:20:21) a viewer asked Jim to explain the “double-S”. He taught that…