Published by MyRootsMyBlog: Freedmen’s Cemetery

It’s amazing how many historic sites are in our backyards and most of the time we don’t even go explore them. I go visit historic sites out of town but not in my home town, that will change anyway Alexandria,VA isn’t technically my backyard but I visit quite often to see  family but I hardly […]


Published by Dick Eastman: Update: Work has Stopped on Identifying as Many as 7,000 Unmarked and Undocumented Graves in Westland, Michigan

This is an update to an earlier story at A group of volunteers attempting to uncover and identify the graves of as many as 7,000 forgotten people has run into resistance from Wayne County officials. Citing liability concerns, the county has told members of the Eloise Cemetery Research Project to cease their work at…

Published by NGSGenealogy: Hidden Graves Uncovered

It is always great to hear about a “reveal” that involves a cemetery and tombstones!We often hear about long-neglected cemeteries and this is the first time that I’ve read about a newly discovered large-scale cemetery (okay a bit of an exaggeration as I gather that local genealogists were aware that it existed though the headstones…