Published by archiver.rootsweb.ancestry: RootsWeb: GENEALOGY-DNA-L [DNA] Mitochondrial DNA match!

RootsWeb: GENEALOGY-DNA-L [DNA] Mitochondrial DNA match!


Published by Genealogy’s Star: Cluster Research

Very few genealogists realize the importance of cluster research. It seems counterintuitive to spend time researching people who are not obviously related to you in any way. The idea is that information that is entirely missing from your ancestors’ records may have been preserved by neighbors. Cluster analysis is very common in a number of…

Published by LegalGenealogist: Calling all genealogical techies

BCG issues RFP Are you a genuine bonafide genealogical techie? Someone who understands and lives and breathes website and graphic design and public branding? Boy, does the Board for Certification of Genealogists® want you… Here’s the deal. The BCG website ( was designed many years ago, with old-school tools and an old-school approach. It badly…

Published by Dick Eastman: The Best Scanning Apps for Android and iPhone

Genealogists love to copy old documents, census records, wills, deeds, and even old photographs. We used to make photocopies and save those in various filing systems. The 21st century solution is to make digital copies, either with a scanner or, even more common, with a cell phone camera. Making digital copies is quick, easy, and…